UEFA EURO 2020 – Bucharest guide for fans

Published on 4 December 2019

If you are supporting Austria or Ukraine national teams or simply enjoy football and you will be in Bucharest next summer for the European Football Championship, see below pieces of advice you will find useful:

1. TRANSPORTATION TO BUCHAREST: Don't come by car! The road infrastructure in Romania is underdeveloped, so you might spend long hours in traffic. In addition, especially in the city center you will have issues with the parking, the spots being limited and paid parking relatively expensive (approximately 2 EURO/hour).

2. AIRPORT TRANSFER: Henri Coanda is the sole international airport located in Bucharest. From the airport you can reach to your destination in Bucharest (either it is a hotel, airbnb or rented apartament) via taxi, train or bus, as Uber drivers are not allowed to enter the airport. However, if you want to avoid waiting time or crowded public transportation, you can book your private airport transfer here for a fair price. An English speaking driver will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal, ready to help with your luggage and introduce you to Bucharest. Onboard the elegant car or mini-van, you can enjoy the excellent conditions: free Wi-Fi, water & refreshments, air conditioning and a friendly atmosphere.

3. TRANSPORTATION IN BUCHAREST: Use the subway to travel, it's the fastest means of transportation. When going to the National Arena stadium for the football game, Piata Muncii is the closest metro station. Bucharest has the bad fame of being one of the European cities with the heaviest traffic. The price of a metro/bus trip is around 0.4 EURO, but you can also buy 

4. MONEY: Romanian official currency and the only accepted one is RON, you can withdraw from the ATM or change at the bank. You should avoid individual exchange shops. The exchange rate is approximately 5 RON/1 EURO. 

5. FOOD: some traditional Romanian dishes that you shoudn't miss: ciorba de burtă, sarmale, mici, carne la garniță, papanași (desert). Good places to eat here. You will pay between 10 and 20 EURO/person to eat, the average price of beer is 2 EURO and a decent bottle of wine starts from 15 EURO.

6. NIGHTLIFE: you can find the best places in the old city centre, pretty concentrated - so you can choose according to your preferences. Author’s top choices: Nomad Sky Bar, Freddo Lounge, Fratelli, St. Patrick’s.

7. TO SEE IN BUCHAREST: Palace of Parliament, University square, Romanian Athenaeum, Stavropoulos Church, Revolution Square, National Museum of Art, Village Museum, Historical city center. You can take the hop-on hop-off bus or if you desire to travel comfortably you can choose one of our premium cars for a tour.  


Hopefully the information presented will be of use for you and you will have a great time visiting Bucharest and generally Romania, the places and people are really amazing.

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